Types Of Drug Addiction And How To Recover From Them

Both physical as well as psychological addiction can be factors for someone with a drug problem. Psychological addiction happens when the user becomes emotionally attached to a drug. When they are left without it, they will experience strong cravings, which can't assuage any pains or provide physical pleasure. The drug has become a way to deal often [...]

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Overcoming the Pain of Withdrawal Is Only the First Step Toward Recovery From Drug Addiction

When we begin to use illicit, addictive drugs, changes occur in our lives, our bodies, our futures. The reasons for starting on these drugs are multitudinous, but the end [...]

One of the Most Important Drug Addiction Facts From a Recovering Junkie

Way to often people get themselves caught up in looking for drug addiction facts, unfortunately most of the time these facts are given in a rather clinical and boring [...]